A Day in Our Life

I thought I might write up a post and give you an idea what we do most days. So the day starts anywhere between 8-9am, when the kiddo wakes up. She’s got very intense hearing so I don’t get up until she does, because she will be up within 2 minutes of me leaving my bed, no matter what time it is. I usually keep a book next to my bed for days I cannot sleep until she does.

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It’s Been a While…

I can’t believe it’s been two years since I updated here. It’s been very busy. First of all…we ended up disliking Blossom and Root curriculum.

We gave it about 2 months and we both disliked most of the books. I really had forgotten how much classic children’s literature had questionable content. Even books I’d once enjoyed were terrible upon rereading (I’m looking at you Rainbow Fish).

So we gave up on curriculum for a while. Then I heard about Torchlight Curriculum. At first I was not convinced. But after hearing more than one librarian rave about the books, I decided to give it a try.

We are currently on week 11 of level K. Level K is all about world cultures. The rest of the curriculum follows the 4 year history cycle so level one is Ancients (which I’m super excited about).

When you buy Torchlight it won’t come with math (think Build Your Library, basically it’s like that) so I bought Wild Math. And for writing I chose Brave Writer. Science is supplimented with units from Be Naturally Curious for level K as well. So this curriculum isn’t exactly all in one but we’ve been enjoying it a lot.

Over on my Instagram you can see our weekly reading, and other aspects of our homeschooling life, if you want to know more about Torchlight.

Our little one is now 5.5 years old and we are happily bumping along making a routine and getting everything going smoothly for our official start in the fall. In Wisconsin you aren’t officially homeschooling until your kiddo turns 6, or first grade.

I want to put together a day/week in the life posts, a look into our daily supplies, my bullet journal (aka the lesson plans) and maybe some book reviews. I will probably also do some gameschooling posts, a Christmas gift haul, and so on because we are getting lots of great books/games this year from grandparents and so on.

See you guys again soon.

Lesson Plans

I thought I might share my newly minted lesson plans with all of you. I’ve got no idea what is going to work, what isn’t, or how I’ll adjust things as I go. But, what I do have is a penciled in (literally) version of my current plan. I have a 6 day per week lesson plan, because my husband is only ever home on Sunday, and this will give us something to do. Sunday is our veg out and do nothing day.

This is a sample of our first week of activities. I did my entire lesson planning calendar already with important birthdays, holidays, days my husband is off work, and so on, so that I can work around them without forgetting anything. I used my Google calendar for holiday information, and my own personal calendar for birthdays like the grandparents, cousins, husband and myself, and of course her birthday (because we always do something special as a family that day). This is helping me stay super organized as I do planning because I always know when we will be gone or when birthday celebrations are likely to be.

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Book Review: Usborne Internet-Linked First Encyclopedia of the Human Body

Thankfully given my last experience with an Usborne Book, this one is much better. The internet-linked books are (mostly) quite useful and I am glad they are mentioned a lot in homeschool circles. Although I think that the DK Eyewitness books can give pretty much any Usborne book a run for its money.

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Book Review: Usborne The Children’s Book of Art

I must say I did not love this book and I am glad I didn’t pay more than four dollars for it. I was not able to view the cover of this book prior to buying, otherwise I would not have bothered purchasing it. I did not realize when I bought it that is was a book of famous paintings, and not a generalized art book for kids. I guess shame on me for not Googling it more extensively to see more about it.

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Book Review: Kitchen Science Lab for Kids

I bought this book almost on a whim. I had heard from a friend that it was really nice, but I rarely buy a book without trying to peak inside first, so I wasn’t quite sure what I would end up getting here. This book is part of a larger group of books like Art Lab, Outdoor Science Lab for Kids, and Gardening Lab for Kids. I also plan on buying Art Lab for Little Kids pretty soon if I can swing it.

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Book Review: DK Eyewitness Series

I have one new (to us) book from the DK Eyewitness book series. I have three more titles that I already owned. I am going to do a mass review of all four titles in this one post. I thought this might be easier than separating them. I found this series to overall be really nice. I think they might even be better than (gasp) the Usborne books everyone is always recommending in the homeschooling community. These books aren’t something I’ve seen talked about more than a couple of times, and I have no idea why.

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Book Review: How You Were Born

Recently as a companion to my curriculum order, I also made an order of (mostly) reference type books to be used in our homeschool. I ordered 9 items from my Thrift Books wish list (there are lots more left) and they are arriving in 5 separate packages. I thought that since they will be arriving staggered, it would be an easy time to review them, as they come in. I also cannot recommend Thrift Books enough, I spent about 40 dollars on my entire book haul, and most of the books were listed as very good quality.

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School Room

Today I wanted to talk a little more about our school room set up. I have mentioned things in passing here and there, but I wanted to delve more deeply into the topic. I’ve almost got everything set up the way I wanted it now.

First off I have to confess we don’t actually have a school room, as in one dedicated room for schooling. I don’t have any extra space except for the shoe box sized guest room upstairs. I initially thought about using that space but the lack of storage and the removal of the room from our normally used spaces turned me off to the idea.

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Pre-K Curriculum

So I’ve been on the hunt for a fun and easy curriculum for my little one. She is intensely interested in numbers and letters, so I have been trying to find ways to keep her learning without pushing. I had been trying out Education Expedition but I did not like the random religious content. It was a couple of items like songs but I am not inclined to use something with religious content of any kind if I don’t have too.

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