Secular Support Groups

If you have plans to homeschool your child but you don’t want to do a Christian based curriculum I would highly recommend joining secular homeschooling groups. There are unschooling, literature based, only child, curriculum based and many other various types of secular homeschooling groups. Pretty much every style or method is represented by at least one group. I’ve personally found Facebook to be a great place for these groups (and I have an entire resource page dedicated to them). Continue reading


New to This

I’ve started a blog for a few reasons. I want to document my homeschooling journey. I want to compile resources for myself and others. I am hoping that this will help people who are on the search for secular materials like myself. Having to wade through a sea of material I have no interest in is slow going. I also wanted to share the support groups who have already helped me so much. Being able to call upon the wisdom of others while starting this journey has been amazing.