Feeling Overwhelmed

My child is a visual learner. If you think trying to just plain find secular curriculum is hard, finding it in the learning style you need is even worse. I have been spending so much time researching, second guessing, and just plain stumbling around on homeschooling websites.

I have been finding some great things. But I really wish I had a local resource for curriculum because I basically have to guess and just buy things sight unseen. I have been spying out my local Half Price books and teacher resource store. Both have some truly great things but it is hit or miss when it comes to full programs I want to view. I don’t think supplements will ever be a problem though.

I am hoping for the best will making educated guesses at the moment. One thing I don’t feel like I see many home schoolers talking about is the way their children learn. I hear so many things about loving their curriculum, but absolutely nothing about the children themselves. Please for your own sanity, figure out how your children learn best. It will save you a world of trouble. I see post after post about people who have children struggling, and it always makes me want to ask how the child learns best. Too many people disregard the single most important aspect of homeschooling I think, which is the children themselves.

I know I am not actually in the trenches yet myself, but I feel like this is a hugely overlooked issue. It was actually the first point of consideration for me while looking for curriculum.


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