Things you didn’t think you had to worry about

Recently I had some questions about science curriculum. In the wider homeschooling community you won’t hear the term neural science, but it is something you have to watch out for.

Think about a science curriculum that is only partially complete. That leaves out massive swaths of data so as to not offend their larger audience. I cannot blame the vendors for pandering to the wants of 2/3 of their customers. Imagine a curriculum that doesn’t cover the creation of the world, many aspects of biology, and doesn’t even mention evolution. 99% of homeschooling curriculum falls into this category or teaches scientifically unsound things like people and dinosaurs coexisting (yes that’s a real thing people teach their children).

There is exactly ONE science curriculum that doesn’t shy away from these topics. Pandia Press R.E.A.L. Science Odyssey. I guess I know which curriculum I’ll be buying for science. I am so glad that there is at least one decent option, but I am also somewhat disgusted knowing that only one company doing sound science that also isn’t neural. 1/3 of all homeschooling families these days are not teaching with religiously based materials. I feel like this is an issue that needs addressing. And sadly it isn’t just sciences that are effected. History also gets this treatment in certain curriculum’s reducing the timeline of the known world down to 4,000 to 10,000 years. If you want to learn more about neutral science, check out this more in depth piece explaining the problem.


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