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2 thoughts on “Chat Board

  1. Brie Stammen says:

    The fact that you’re digging so deeply into things is fantastic. It’s really a very good idea to make sure the curriculum is designed for your child’s learning style. My only suggestion, make sure you’re able to teach her, one-on-one, with her learning style. You said she was a visual learner. Are you also?

    In, my time being homeschooled, the biggest problem I had learning, was that my mother (and teacher) could not step out of her learning style, to cater to mine. She’s visual where I’m hands-on.

    You’re very on top of things, I’m sure you’ve already thought about this. If not, I hope this helps.


    • secularhomeschoollife says:

      All the curriculum I’ve chosen has lesson plans for me. They are all open and go so I don’t have to prepare much except for the science eventually. Some of the courses even rely on her viewing videos instead of interacting with me. I didn’t want anything book heavy, because she doesn’t care about books. Whereas that is how I learn. So, hopefully all my choices should help her learn. The curriculum was all chosen to be visual. There are lots of book options I immediately threw out of the running.


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