Pre-K & Kindergarten

I did not know before I started researching intensively that in many states you are not required to send your children to kindergarten. So I am now regarding pre-k and kindergarten as my trial run time.

For pre-k my plan is to start with the All About Reading primer level. I also plan to do the Math U See primer level if that ends up being my ultimate curriculum choice for math. These levels teach basic skills that your child needs to begin like recognizing all letters and numbers and learning to write them. I’ve picked up several dry erase handwriting practice items. One for each cursive and print that allow you to trace letter formations. This is pretty much my entire pre-k plan for teaching. I also want to see if my daughter is a workbook person or not during this and the kindergarten period. I picked up one dry erase book of pre-k skills like reading clocks, identifying animals, and so on as well.

In kindergarten I plan to go to the next levels of both the reading and math programs if they work for my child. If not it will be back to the drawing board. I also plan to add in a formal writing curriculum like I talked about in my last post. And otherwise it will just be exploration and play for us. I figured other subjects can wait until we reach a good point with reading and writing.

And I am going to use kindergarten as a dry run for documentation and figure that end out as well. I am required to keep track of our hours and I also plan to keep a portfolio for my own reference. I’ve actually already bought a lamination machine so I can do that. Just some proof of progress, mostly for myself. I also want this because my mother in law is extremely negative about the idea of homeschooling and I want to always be sure I can prove it is working in case she decides to do something extreme about it.

She sent all her children to a religious private school and my husband has repeatedly said he won’t ever let that be an option for our child, he felt like although his experience overall was good, it in no way prepared him for normal schooling. He also disliked the constant instruction in pushing your religion on people and the lack of ability to question the areas of scripture that were outright contradicted in other places. He is still a firm believer in his religion, but he dislikes the organised schools and churches for their lack of flexibility and ridiculous arbitrary rules. We want to homeschool because we think it will be the best fit for our child.

I am hoping for a great pre-k and kindergarten dry run. I know we will have our kinks and difficulties, but I am doing my very best to hopefully find curriculum that will be a great fit for my wriggly child.


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