ABC Mouse

Today I took the first leap toward active learning for our little one. I always try to help her with her interests but I felt like I had hit a point where some outside help is needed. My daughter Aria (not her real name but let’s run with it) has been absolutely fascinated with letters for quite some time now.

I have tried to help her learn by teaching her letters from anything we see, watching shows like Super Why, and reading to her. She has been spelling three letter words and actually recognizing more than a few words when she sees them.

I wanted to find a way to ease her into learning while still making it fun. I had debated on several courses of action, but ultimately settled on ABC Mouse based on recommendations from quite a lot of people, including a homeschooling mom I know personally. She said she really loved her daughter’s experience because she started reading all on her own after playing on the site.

I have to say that if Aria’s interest level is as enthusiastic as it was today on a consistent basis I will be thrilled. I let her play a bit after setting up the account and it was a huge hit. She experimented with several steps on her guided learning path and absolutely loved it.

I was really happy to see her having fun and I am hoping this will be a worth while investment in the long run. I hope it helps her keep going with her love of letters and builds on what she already knows. I am feeling very optimistic.


2 thoughts on “ABC Mouse

  1. Homeschooling2e says:

    My kids love ABC Mouse – especially the ticket system. My oldest is obsessed with getting more and more hamster habitats. My kids tend to enjoy it more when we don’t do it every day. Keeps that new and fresh feeling!


    • secularhomeschoollife says:

      Mine is definitely liking it so far. She was immediately into it which I was pretty happy about. I wasn’t expecting her to be quite as excited about it as she was. It’s raining here today so we will probably do more today if she starts getting bored. She loves to go outside and run as much as possible, so it’s good to have alternatives for bad weather.


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