Secular Support Groups

If you have plans to homeschool your child but you don’t want to do a Christian based curriculum I would highly recommend joining secular homeschooling groups. There are unschooling, literature based, only child, curriculum based and many other various types of secular homeschooling groups. Pretty much every style or method is represented by at least one group. I’ve personally found Facebook to be a great place for these groups (and I have an entire resource page dedicated to them).

You can also feel free to join conventional homeschooling groups but beware of the potential problems. Sometimes just asking about secular options in a more religious based group will create friction. They tend to censor more. In fact the reason I was inspired to write this post today was because of an admin comment on a non secular group today. A parent asked for a comprehensive sex ed course and we were all helpfully reminded that using words like masturbation is not appropriate in their group. You will also run into one last common problem. The curriculum suggestions will almost always be overwhelmingly religious.

This means that for every post you see with one useful suggestion for your family, dozens more will have to be waded through. The secular groups are amazing and can often tell you what is religious, what isn’t, and what is riding the line of too religious for use. There are many companies that put out both secular and religious materials as well and it isn’t always clear which materials are which.

The other secular families you will run into on the secular pages can offer you so much wisdom and experience, it is definitely worth looking into. I have around 300 saved links of suggestions for materials, books, printables, curriculum, and so on from these groups. I will slowly be adding these links to my resource information pages as I have free time. Between a toddler, a house, and everything else going on I am only doing work on that aspect about twice a week right now. I often write my articles on my phone during the day between tasks. I need a lot more time to pull out my computer and actually sit down to work, which I am sure you can all understand.


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