Homeschooling Supply Space

I’ve been making strides recently towards having a lot more resources for homeschooling. This means I need to have a dedicated space. I cleaned out what was our pantry closet (it was more of a junk catch all anyway) and converted it. I have been slowly filling it up with useful stuff.

Recently I also acquired a china cabinet that will probably become book and curriculum storage, because my books are already overtaking my supplies.

When I first started verses now.

The closet is now way too full of reference materials and books. I plan on separately housing the books because I have the space for it. When I get the china cabinet back in working order I will post a more updated version of both this space and that one. It works for now but it is very cluttered which I do not like. I also don’t enjoy the several layers of books in some places.

Back when things were somewhat more reasonable.

I haven’t collected much in the way of basic supplies for schooling yet. I mostly have art based items like markers, crayons, colored pencils and the like. I am waiting to pick up regular supplies until closer to back to school time. They always have a much better selection of items available then. I have been picking up lots of dry erase work books and storing them for later.

I am hoping that our garden project will be the last major hurdle before I can devote some time to repairing the China cabinet. We are actually hoping to plant today so perhaps next week sometime.


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