Gardening, Book Sales, and more

Since I’ve been stuck at home mostly doing nothing while recovering from surgery (appendix) we have been working on some house projects. We are planning to start a garden this year in an experimental capacity. We aren’t sure what all we want to plant or where or how much yield we will want or need.

The garden is being started now because I thought it could be a useful part of homeschooling. I wanted it established and for us to actually know what we are doing before we start schooling. My mom has a green thumb but I pretty much hate dirt, so I am hoping it won’t be a horrible process for me. I thought the benefits would outweigh my dislike. Gardening itself is a good thing to learn… not to mention canning and other food preservation methods, learning about plant growth, and the opportunity to observe and learn about individual plants. The wealth of potential knowledge is spectacular.


In other news our town had its annual rummage sale and I scored some amazing finds. A house about a block away from ours had an Usborne Internet Linked Science Encyclopedia, which I bought for a dollar. I was thrilled. A big wheel bike, lots of creative play toys like blocks of various types, and of course tons of clothes. The book sale put on by the library also yielded some great books on topics like comets, meteors, dinosaurs, fossils, plants, birds, animals, space, a constellation guide, and many more. I had hoped for more reference type books, but the non fiction section still had plenty of useful books. I also got some fiction picture books on rabbits, ballerinas, the polar express, and other things my daughter has a particular interest in.

All in all, although I am feeling like I cannot do much, I am still accomplishing lots. I am hoping soon I can post some photos of my current stash of resources and supplies because I rearranged it all after buying my new books. I am doing well a week after surgery and looking forward to being able to lift my daughter again soon. She has been spectacular and so has my husband. They have been taking great care of me while I am recovering.


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