Graphic Design and Video Editing

I am currently in the process of creating the annual birthday video for my daughter. Each year at her birthday party I play a video of pictures and footage from her previous year of life, generally it is about half an hour long and it plays on a loop during the party.

It has actually been the biggest way I’ve been using my degree in graphic design since graduating other than starting this blog. When my daughter was born I was in my last year of school, so I obviously haven’t had tons of free time to use my skills. I also use to make art, which I am using in this site. Hopefully soon I will have time to keep creating new graphics.

I got up this morning before 7 am hoping to get several hours of work done on the birthday video. Unfortunately my daughter woke up pretty early so all I did was get the basics laid down. I started with maternity shots, first birthday, second birthday, and then started adding in the newer footage. I am so excited to work on the project and complete it. The videos always make me teary eyed. I thankfully still have a few months, because this emergency surgery did a number on my plans for the last few weeks and the next few. I have several stories written up in drafts that I should hopefully have time to finish off soon.


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