Arts and Crafts Storage

I’ve seen several people recommending craft boxes from Joann Fabrics for storing arts and craft supplies. People recommend waiting until you get a 40% off coupon and buy a bunch at once. Well, I am here to tell you I found boxes that cost only $4.97 retail at Walmart, and are just as good, if not better for half the money. I have a rather small local store so hopefully everyone with a regular Walmart should have no issues finding these.

I bought three to start out with, to house my own art supplies. They previously resided in a rather bulky 18 gallon Tupperware tub. I used one box for drawing supplies (pictured), one for acrylic painting supplies including brushes, and one box for watercolor supplies. They worked amazingly well and took up far less space than I previously used. I plan on buying a bunch more for when I start collecting art supplies for my girl. They also stack perfectly and don’t slide around at all when piled up, which is a nice bonus. I believe they are also larger than the Joann’s craft boxes.


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