Homeschool Group Drama

I had a rather unpleasant experience a bit ago. I had joined several Wisconsin only homeschooling groups that called themselves inclusive. This was all fine until one day when someone posted this article.

The insults to the gay community, encouraging censoring your children’s reading material, and apparently graphic novels aren’t books… Where to even start with how wrong all this nonsense is (if you read the articles comments one person said they don’t allow their children to read anything printed after 1950). But the real issue cropped up in the comments.

I pointed out that this was not inclusive material to those parents who might be gay in the homeschooling community (the gay agenda nonsense is ridiculous). I was immediately told I was the one not being inclusive and I was censoring their opinions. I couldn’t even get through to these people, although I did try. You cannot reason with people who are zealous in my experience.

Eventually an admin chimed in and  I was told that if I read something I didn’t like to not argue and keep scrolling. This is not in any way inclusiveness and I immediately left the group without bothering to argue further.

The one bonus was that a few people from the group messaged me support so I made some local homeschooling friends! So I suppose weeding out a group and finding a few good people is actually a win.


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