Would You Rather… (Book Edition)

…Spend the day with your favorite author or favorite character?

I would by far rather spend my day with my favorite author. Patrick Rothfuss would be an amazing person to spend a day with. Plus he is local to my state and I would just love the chance to talk with him period.

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Educational Apps

My daughter has been really into educational apps lately. I used my old cell phone to create a learning center for her. I deleted all my old apps off of the phone first, and asked around for some good apps for kids. I wanted to give a run down of each app she enjoys and what she likes best about it or what she is learning.

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Homeschooling Book Reviews

I recently read through several piles of homeschooling books. I found some really helpful books, some that were a total waste of paper, and quite a few that were so middle of the road they didn’t even warrant a mention. First off I am going to start with the books I felt were pretty unhelpful so that I can end on a better note of good books. A bad book is always disappointing, but when a book is so bad you get nothing from it, that is truly horrible.

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