Cleaning Cleaning Cleaning

This month is my big project month.
I do lots of home improvement before my daughter’s birthday party every year. If my posts are a bit light this month it is probably because all my spare time is spent cleaning and organizing till birthday party day.

This year I ripped down a bunch of wallpaper down in our upstairs hallway. Which means now I get to wash all the walls and get the leftover adhesive off, super fun I know.

I also have to hang a bunch of wall art in said hallway once it is cleaned up. We have a wood stove so each year I have to wash all the walls to get rid of soot after burning season is over. Today I washed all the windows for the same reason. I also do the same with all the counter tops (moving all the appliances is something I don’t much like doing). I also dusted all over to get rid of dead bugs and removed all the cobwebs from each room that accumulated over the winter.

I also like to scrub the tub and the tile on the bathroom floor. Along with all the various normal kinds of cleaning like sweeping, mopping, cleaning bathrooms, and so on with the endless list. Those usually wait until the Friday before the party (on Sunday my husband’s only day off).

I’ve already made a substantial dent in my list of projects but I have a china cabinet to repair and an outdoor area to empty out and clean up. I’ve also stepped up my game this year and have started tackling the overgrown garden. I’ve been planting and weeding like mad near the front of the house, and of course near the back where the vegetable garden is as well.

The last several years I’ve been doing big organization projects before the party like going through each room for clutter, unpacking the basement, getting rid of old junk including furniture, and more. This year I’ve mostly got smaller upkeep projects to maintain the current state of the house. And eventually I want to get rid of the rest of the downstairs wallpaper too.



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