Educational Apps

My daughter has been really into educational apps lately. I used my old cell phone to create a learning center for her. I deleted all my old apps off of the phone first, and asked around for some good apps for kids. I wanted to give a run down of each app she enjoys and what she likes best about it or what she is learning.


We first started out with her playing ABC Mouse, which isn’t her favorite because she needs my help to navigate and do certain tasks. But she does really like the songs and quite a lot of the activities, so if I have time to sit with her she likes that one. If she attempts it on her own she can often become frustrated, which isn’t great.

Our next attempt at educational apps was EduKitty. My daughter flat-out loves this app. It has a lot of nice features. You can change the complexity of the games by the child’s age and even turn on and off certain tasks if they are too difficult. This same company has a whole slew of games including EduKitty ABC, EduKitchen, and more. We play many of them. The only down side to this app is the ads, which is the only aspect my daughter cannot navigate without help. Otherwise she doesn’t need any help and these are great for antsy times in waiting rooms and so on. The stamp system of rewards really seems to amuse her too.


Finger Painting: Write ABC 123 is something my daughter loves. It is pretty self-explanatory as an art program. It is easy to use with brush type switching and many colors. She needs no help using this one. It also has coloring pages of animals, letters, and numbers.


Writing Wizard (both cursive and print) are a big hit. She loves to trace the letters and play with the screen full of stuff after you complete a letter. She has some trouble with the more complex letters, but she likes me to show her and then keep trying, so she is definitely still learning. It is good practice either way.

Endless Reader, Endless Numbers, Endless Wordplay, and Endless Alphabet are my daughters absolute favorite games. They are all made by the same company, and they also have a Spanish game and an academy game that doesn’t seem to be released for Android as of yet, but I am waiting. The only downside to these games is the expense. The endless part of the title is pretty misleading because each game has a few samples and that is it unless your purchase more content, which is pretty darn expensive to be honest. Purchasing the full content of each app can run you from 15 to 30 dollars, and considering there are 4 of them that can get expensive pretty quickly.

Although I must say my daughter learns tons from these games and it seems worth the money in the long run. And it is a one time purchase so as long as you use your Google Play account on new devices, you can use these for multiple children on many devices. The games themselves are teaching a variety of things. You get fine motor skills from screen manipulation, letter sounds for each letter, definitions of words and usage of them in sentences, number recognition and quantities, rhyming words, and more. They are very good for helping with reading preparation.



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