Would You Rather… (Book Edition)

…Spend the day with your favorite author or favorite character?

I would by far rather spend my day with my favorite author. Patrick Rothfuss would be an amazing person to spend a day with. Plus he is local to my state and I would just love the chance to talk with him period.

…Be in a fantasy book or a dystopian book?

I would much rather be in a fantasy book because I would stand a much better chance of living that way.

…Only read series’ or only stand alone books?

Almost all my favorite books are a series of books so I would have to say series. There aren’t that many stand alone books that I like honestly.

…Be with your favorite fictional love interest or your real world crush?

If  I were unmarried and unattached I would have to say a fictional love interest. Most fictional characters are way more interesting than real life people.

…Professional reviewer or famous author?

I have found through this blog that reading books for review really stresses me out. I don’t like doing it at all. I would definitely rather be a famous author, but I am so introverted that it would probably be pretty miserable too.

…Be Katniss or Tris?

Katniss because I have no idea who Tris is.

…Have a friend never return a favorite book or drop it in a pool?

I think a pool because I could hopefully dry the book at least, as opposed to never getting it back which sucks. I still have books out to people I will probably never see again and I hate that.

…Favorite book become a movie or a TV series?

I think a TV series because then it could run for years instead of just being a movie or movies. It would equal way more content.

…Have to dog ear your pages or never be able to mark your place?

Never mark my place. Half the time I don’t anyway so it would not bother me in the least. I hate people who dog ear.

…Be a character in Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings?

I would have to say Harry Potter. The world is way more fascinating to me, I would probably live longer, and I would love to go to a magic school.

…Wait five years for the final installment of a series or get it now but have to read every spoiler before you start it?

I would much rather wait. I hate spoilers.

…Read the last chapter of a book first or watch the movie first?

I would rather watch the movie. Having no context for the last chapter would really suck. And the movies are rarely anything like the books so it wouldn’t spoil much.



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