Birthday Presents

This year’s birthday party was a lot of fun for everyone. It was the first we’ve had with lots of little friends for Aria to play with. I went a little lighter this year by not doing food at all except ice cream and cup cakes. I wanted to do a little less because it has been so insane here with emergency surgery, new family members, and unexpected long-term guests. I asked on behalf of my daughter for more creativity based presents because she has been very into doing stuff as opposed to just playing lately.

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Homeschooling Haul

I’m finally back! Its been a crazy time for us here.On top of the birthday party preparation we also had to do a lot of traveling because my husbands brother’s wife was pregnant and finally had their little girl. They live over an hour away so we made several day treks to see the family. And we had an unexpected house guest recently who just left. A friend of ours needed a place to sleep for a few weeks between living situations. Hopefully things will be settling down and getting back to normal soon. Continue reading