Homeschooling Haul

I’m finally back! Its been a crazy time for us here.On top of the birthday party preparation we also had to do a lot of traveling because my husbands brother’s wife was pregnant and finally had their little girl. They live over an hour away so we made several day treks to see the family. And we had an unexpected house guest recently who just left. A friend of ours needed a place to sleep for a few weeks between living situations. Hopefully things will be settling down and getting back to normal soon.

So, on top of all that I’ve also been doing lots of cleaning up and reorganizing from the party and gifts. I’ll probably do a birthday post pretty soon because she got a lot of cool items and many I can use for homeschooling.

I’ve been collecting materials for homeschooling since the school supply aisles are quickly filling the stores. Everything from dinosaur flash cards to crates for organizing paperwork and mater copies.


I bought a good amount of basics during a trip to Walmart. I knew I would need a lot of random stuff like glue, hole punches, stapler, and so on. I could not neglect the opportunity to grab up the biggest boxes of crayons, pencils, colored pencils, and markers that I could find.  I still need some other things like a 3 hole punch and a tape dispenser, which will require a trip to an office store.

Yesterday we went to Target and the dollar spot was filled with school items. I got about 30 dollars worth of items from that area, which was a good bit of stuff. I got flash cards on world flags and dinosaurs (which I have no intention to use as actual flash cards, I detest them, but still nice for learning). I found a couple of connecting puzzles with the alphabet and one that does colors and shapes. I found a nice map of the United States that has all the capital cities, a number poster to go with my alphabet border from Dollar Tree. I was also pretty excited at the portable learning finds like the small flip books of letter tracing and clocks, and the lap board for writing practice, all dry erase.

I got some organizational items like a caddy, a place for hanging art with clips, grade book, and lesson planner. Some small books that had basics of the solar system and information on all the presidents. I think my favorite finds were the felt practice money and the snap numbers, which are like traditional wooden blocks but with numbers and math symbols on them that snap together to create small equations for practice.


My absolute favorite school item of the entire haul was this Melissa and Doug daily calendar. It is so much more comprehensive than the other calendars I’ve seen. I don’t really like the pocket style so this one was right up my alley. My daughter has been absolutely loving helping me change it daily. We have fun checking the daily weather reports and adding in the activities for the day. For less than 20 dollars it is well worth the money, it is extremely well made and wonderful.

tmp_21939-IMG_20160720_144939629-219989640Here is a quick look at the placement of the new calendar, photo board I finally finished, and the art hanging bar with clips below it. I love the entire corner so much now. The photo board was pretty simple to make and just involved some large art canvas, fabric, ribbon, cotton pillow filler, hot glue, and a lot of time (oh and a ruler for the ribbon placement).


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