Toxic Family Members

Recently we have been discussing toxic family members again in our house. My parents were both pretty toxic to us growing up (my father is undiagnosed bipolar, I am pretty sure, and my mom beat my self-esteem into nothing to the point where I didn’t look at myself in a mirror for years… this is an extreme simplification but you get the idea), although these days my dad is pretty chill to us. My mom still has her issues with me and we fight a decent amount. The truly most toxic family we have in our lives right now is our mother in law and her family. She’s worked pretty hard to convince all my husband’s aunts, uncles, and other various assorted family think we are horrible people. This weekend against our better judgement we made plans with her yet again.

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School Room

Today I wanted to talk a little more about our school room set up. I have mentioned things in passing here and there, but I wanted to delve more deeply into the topic. I’ve almost got everything set up the way I wanted it now.

First off I have to confess we don’t actually have a school room, as in one dedicated room for schooling. I don’t have any extra space except for the shoe box sized guest room upstairs. I initially thought about using that space but the lack of storage and the removal of the room from our normally used spaces turned me off to the idea.

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Pre-K Curriculum

So I’ve been on the hunt for a fun and easy curriculum for my little one. She is intensely interested in numbers and letters, so I have been trying to find ways to keep her learning without pushing. I had been trying out Education Expedition but I did not like the random religious content. It was a couple of items like songs but I am not inclined to use something with religious content of any kind if I don’t have too.

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Website Content Updates

I spent a good amount of time recently redoing the pages of my website. I wanted to make things a little easier to read and find. I also added in entire new sections (educational apps for kids and useful apps for homeschooling parents) for added information. I am hoping that it is becoming a fairly fleshed out resource, and I am constantly trying to add new things as I find them. It is quite a bit faster to add one new item than to surf through my backlog of saved materials.

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