Book Catalogue App

I discovered a wonderful new app for keeping track of what books you own. I am in the process of collecting many Magic School Bus book titles, and I was looking for a way to keep track of what I already have that is a little more user-friendly on the go than a Pinterest board.

In one of the homeschooling groups the moms were talking about various book cataloging apps, which I had no idea existed. After exploring several, I settled on Book Catalogue. I am enjoying it so far, and it has some nice features.

You can input books using several methods including scanning the bar code on the back of a book (unreliable for older titles), enter the ISBN by hand (by far the fastest and easiest in my experience), or searching the title and author of a book. The application then searches several book databases looking for a match. Then you are shown information about the book. Title, author, publisher, publication date, genre, and many other areas of information are either pre filled or able to be filled in.

Once you make sure you have the correct book with information all as you want it, you can sort it on to a bookshelf or several if you are cross categorizing. So far my book shelves consist of school books, fiction books for my child, my books, and my husband’s books. I want to eventually get every book in the house in the app.

I started with school related titles because that was my main concern, and moved on to my daughter’s fiction. Her books alone number over 800 (sets of books count as one so really it is probably more). Many of these are board books, very slim beginning readers, or picture books so they don’t take up much space. She has one bookshelf of school items and one for fiction.

I have only just begun doing the rest of our books because it took several days just to do hers. Hopefully the process will be sped up by not being masses of small books anymore. I am loving the app so far. It is capable of being fully backed up on whatever device you are using just in case. I’m rather happy about this as I wouldn’t want to do 800 plus books again.

Once the books are entered you can browse your information by many categories. Arranging books by author, title, or basically any other means you could need is done in a few taps. This process also helped me to find a whole pile of doubles that we had in our books. Many of my books were gifted to me from various people and I cannot always remember everything I already have. This app has been truly helpful in organizing homeschooling materials. I hope you can get as much use out of this as I did.

I am seeing a multitude of uses for this application. I can use it to keep track of my husband’s books for gift giving. I can keep track of everything school related. I can use it to keep track of my own books, because I have many partially bought series’ that I need to complete but cannot recall every I have or don’t. Authors like Orson Scott Card or Jim Butcher have such long running series’ that it is nearly impossible to remember all the titles of various offshoot but related books. I have entire shelves dedicated to one author because they write so much. I am looking forward to being much more organized in the future.


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