Potty Training Update

I wanted to write an update about our progress with the potty issue. Does anyone else hate the phrase potty training? I really do. I usually say potty learning because training makes me think of animals. And it certainly has been a learning process for us instead of ‘training’.Our daughter has been doing really well since our last attempt at this potty stuff. We were forced to just go cold turkey on diapers which resulted in about two entire days of tantrums and ugliness. I had a brief period of fantasy where I made my mother in law deal with the problem instead of me since this nonsense was pretty much all her fault. After getting past the anger, both little ones and mine, it actually was pretty smooth.

She is now doing the potty all day with almost no problems. When we leave the house we put a pull up on, just in case but they are hardly ever used unless she falls asleep during a trip. I am so relieved to finally be pretty much done with diapers (still using them for night-time but that is so minimal). I am thrilled to not have to change diapers anymore, especially after that extra 6 months that was utterly unnecessary. The money saved is also really wonderful. All around it has been much nicer.

I am so happy that she was able to regain that accomplishment, even with the rough patches. She had been doing so very well on her own before, it seems like such a shame that all her hard-won progress was ruined, but, all in all things are ok now. I am just glad to finally be across the finish line with all this potty stuff.


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