Pre-K Curriculum

So I’ve been on the hunt for a fun and easy curriculum for my little one. She is intensely interested in numbers and letters, so I have been trying to find ways to keep her learning without pushing. I had been trying out Education Expedition but I did not like the random religious content. It was a couple of items like songs but I am not inclined to use something with religious content of any kind if I don’t have too.

This brings me to my latest find. The Blossom & Root website is something I have come across several times. What I did not know is that Kristina recently wrote 2 volumes of preschool curriculum that are entirely secular. She was also nice enough to let me sneak a peek at the book list per my request and I am pretty happy to say I think I’ve found my new curriculum. The price for the 2-4 age group is 29.99 for a year of all subject curriculum, and the 4-5 is 59.99.

It is a mixture of Charlotte Mason, and Waldorf, and nature-based education, per her own description. Lessons are slated to take an hour per day with an open and go style. The supply list is 98% stuff I had lying around the house. I have a few items to gather yet, but the expense is minimal. The book list is entirely available at my local library system so barring issues I will just be borrowing books in advance to keep reading. I do have several of the titles at home already, so that is quite nice.

I am really excited to get started hopefully by the end of September, between supply gathering and whatnot I need a little extra time before we get going. The sample seemed really nice and had exposure to art, music, good children’s books, use of sensory bins, supervised cooking, art and nature activities, and more. I think my daughter will love this, and at an hour per day it will be a fun way to ease into learning while making it seem like play. I know people say you don’t need curriculum at this age but honestly when you have a child who devours any experience and loves to learn, it can certainly help.

Barring some kind of life threatening illness like last time I tried a curriculum, I should hopefully be able to post some more in-depth thoughts after we get started. I will probably attempt a first impression and something later on to give my full feelings.


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