School Room

Today I wanted to talk a little more about our school room set up. I have mentioned things in passing here and there, but I wanted to delve more deeply into the topic. I’ve almost got everything set up the way I wanted it now.

First off I have to confess we don’t actually have a school room, as in one dedicated room for schooling. I don’t have any extra space except for the shoe box sized guest room upstairs. I initially thought about using that space but the lack of storage and the removal of the room from our normally used spaces turned me off to the idea.


Our school set up is currently in three different rooms in our house. The first area is when you walk into our back door. I’ve created a display space for artwork and our daily calendar hangs here as well. I may also add more posters and other items at a later point. I want to at least find a world map type poster with continents and oceans to go with the United States poster I found.

Once you leave the back room, the space splits into the kitchen and dining room, and it’s fairly open. On the wall facing the diningĀ  room table I have the upper and lowercase letter strip, and on the pantry closet door I have a number poster and the United States poster. Behind this door is also the majority of our supplies that are more office and school related. This is where the encyclopedias are, paper of various types, folders, extra supplies like markers and crayons, Unifix cubes, and so on. The computers also live here, both hers and mine. All the oversized coloring books and dry erase items are off to one side.



Directly across this space is another cabinet where I currently have a lot of extra supplies. The magnetic letters, glue, crayons, markers of various types, paint brushes, colored pencils, and all her other art supplies or craft items go in this space. The bottom shelf is all supervision items like paint with water books, dry erase books, watercolor paints, magnetic toys, and so on. The very top shelf has more office type items like the lamination machine and pouches, label maker, paper-cutter, and so on. I am slowly converting all the drawers and the other cabinet in this area to all schooling or art supplies. The little baskets were all recent purchases from Dollar General, except the black woven one which is years old.


On the dining room side there is a doorway that leads to our library (named for the built-in shelf). This is where the last of the homeschooling supplies are. This room has almost no actual wall space so it is somewhat difficult to utilize. Pretty much all the wall space there is covered in books, as you can see in the photo above. Her table and chairs are also here, and this table is wonderful because the top lifts off for storage. The easel has dry erase on one side and the other side has a chalk board, underneath is a shelf for markers and other items. The dry erase board is also magnetized so we also use the magnetic letters and toys here. I don’t know where exactly we will end up schooling at her table, our dining room table, or somewhere else entirely. I have a clip board for on the go, and I am also planning to purchase a lap desk sometime hopefully soon. This way we can school anywhere, including in the car.

A better look at my daughters fiction books.

Our school room is a little scattered, but, I actually like the set up for the most part. The Hooked on Phonics set I am purchasing has DVDs, so being near the TV will be useful. We can also watch educational shows like the Magic School Bus should we want to. I like that we have room to spread out and lots of surfaces to use. I think if I had a dedicated room I would have a harder time letting her show me how she likes to school versus making it more like a classroom. I also would not have nearly the amount of storage space upstairs. The room is so small that it would feel very crowded. I am really excited to get our schooling started soon. I still have a book list that needs purchasing and some other things that need doing, but for the most part we are pretty set up for the next few years.

Some close up shots of our school book selection.

If you are at all curious about our book selections feel free to click the photos above and have a look at everything we currently have. I have everything from botany, classic read aloud books, geography, space, animals, history, and science books. They are mostly separated by subject except the oversized books that all had to be shelved in the only spot they fit, instead of with their topics. There is also an area I didn’t photograph that holds all the early reader chapter books, for when we get that far.


8 thoughts on “School Room

    • secularhomeschoollife says:

      Well, not exactly. I just like books. The China cabinet of books was all I added when we started actively trying to homeschool. Everything else was already here. My daughter is actually a visual learner and she doesn’t enjoy sitting with books much yet. But, I’m hoping to change that eventually. She does like being read to, she just doesn’t like sitting still for it. My house will be full of books probably forever, no matter what. We’ve got about 1,000 without counting the homeschooling books. I’ve read 10+ books per week my entire life until my child was born. I’ve had to scale back since then but I still read when I can.


      • twainausten says:

        Don’t know how old your cookies are, but I’ve got four, the youngest is seven and that pretty much happened here. Try as I might teach phonics to one of my girls, shed already started sounding out whole words by three. And the others were four and five. I pretty much expected my youngest, a boy, to up the average and start reading at thirteen but he was still just six. You cant lead a horse to water and make him drink and you cant lead a kid to a book and make him read!


      • secularhomeschoollife says:

        She just turned 3 pretty recently. But she’s been reading simple 3 letter words since about 2.5. So I got learning apps and so on and I’m getting a phonics program at the end of the month. She loves letters. I was reading before school, not sure exactly what age, but I was definitely expecting to still have a couple years before reading. But I am not complaining and I will be doing whatever I can to help her. It’s mind boggling to me. My mom was super shocked when my daughter read her shirt one day. Lol. I figured I’ll just roll with it.


      • secularhomeschoollife says:

        We had the worst time with potty training too. It was horrendous. But that was because my MIL traumatized my daughter during the process and she wouldn’t go near a potty for 6 months. We’re doing fine now but ugh, it was rough. I wanted to murder my MIL several times during the process for making it so much more difficult than it needed to be. My child isn’t one you can push into doing things, and MIL doesn’t care. She thinks that kids should just obey and that’s that. I don’t even teach obedience. That isn’t the kind of adult I want her to become, so I don’t see the point in making her an obedient child. I’m parenting for the adult I want her to become. Which makes some people VERY angry apparently. Although MIL basically disagrees with everything I do. She’s openly hostile to homeschooling, teaching my child body autonomy, and everything else I try to do as a parent. It’s super fun spending time with her. Lol. Thankfully, my daughter thrives with us, so I don’t care even slightly about my self important MIL’s opinions. I can see my daughter growing into an amazing person so that’s all I need.

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