Book Review: DK Eyewitness Series

I have one new (to us) book from the DK Eyewitness book series. I have three more titles that I already owned. I am going to do a mass review of all four titles in this one post. I thought this might be easier than separating them. I found this series to overall be really nice. I think they might even be better than (gasp) the Usborne books everyone is always recommending in the homeschooling community. These books aren’t something I’ve seen talked about more than a couple of times, and I have no idea why.

The first book I’m going to cover is called Money, this is the one I recently purchased to add to our collection. I wanted a book to show my daughter the basics of money, and I had nothing in our current library that fit the bill. This book is amazingly more in-depth than I thought it would be. It covers topics like history of money, how coins are minted, how paper bills are created, forgery, currency from around the world, modern money equivalents like checks and debit cards, and a timeline of money. This is far more information that I was anticipating and I just love this book. It’s all explained in simple terms kids can digest. I liked being able to see ancient money alongside modern money for many countries. All in all a wonderful book.

The next book I have is Amphibians. This book made me quickly realize why these books might not get mentioned in the wider homeschool community. They have an entire section in the beginning of the book about ancient amphibians giving accurate scientific information from 360 million years ago. This is something that won’t bother science minded secular homeschoolers, but would certainly be an issue with many religious homeschooling families. This book also has sections on skeletons of amphibians, colors and markings, self-defense, survival, mating, egg care, metamorphosis, the difference between frogs and toads, and rare or endangered species. This books seems equally in-depth as the money book, with many more included topics than what I mentioned.

The Pond & River book is also wonderful. It covers a huge range of topics including what each area is like during all of the different four seasons, freshwater fish, water birds, water mammals, and more. There is also a section on amphibians, insects, dragonflies and the like. It also has in-depth sections on various plants like reeds, underwater plants, and floating plants. The varied types of land like marshes are also included. This book, like the rest of the DK Eyewitness books, is jam-packed with useful information.

The final DK book I have in this series is the Cat book. This book again cites scientific information going back millions of years talking about ancient cat-like animals. The topics range from what is a cat, clans, skeletons, their senses, young, different types of cats, their society, animals related to cats, domestication, and care of a house cat. As with all the rest of this series, it is quite an in-depth child reference guide.

Overall these books strike me as hidden jewels and I certainly plan to pick up many more on other topics, after finding out how truly wonderful these books are. These books cover a multitude of topics like entire countries, animals, plants, geographic areas like the arctic, religions, ancient civilizations, and even sports. These books seem like an amazing resource on any topic they cover.


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