Book Review: Kitchen Science Lab for Kids

I bought this book almost on a whim. I had heard from a friend that it was really nice, but I rarely buy a book without trying to peak inside first, so I wasn’t quite sure what I would end up getting here. This book is part of a larger group of books like Art Lab, Outdoor Science Lab for Kids, and Gardening Lab for Kids. I also plan on buying Art Lab for Little Kids pretty soon if I can swing it.

This book is filled with 52 experiments, which can either mean one a week, if you school year round, or more per week if you don’t school through summer. It has different sections which cover various areas of science including chemical reactions, electricity,  motion, rocks, life science, liquids, polymers, acids and bases, microbiology, botany, light, and rocketry. This is a pretty varied list of topics, obviously, and each section has at least 3 different experiments, often more.

The experiments themselves range from the typical vinegar and baking soda volcano to making your own rock candy. Most of them need materials like small glass jars, vinegar, baking soda, paper bags, pots, food dye and other kitchen and household items you already have on hand or can get cheaply and easily. You can use the subjects as ready-made units or pick one from a new category every time you want to do an experiment. Nothing is horribly complex or requires lots of time. I think this book would be a great resource for any younger child, although I would say that above early elementary school age you would probably need something more in-depth. As a beginner guide to scientific experiments it is pretty much perfect.


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