Book Review: Usborne Internet-Linked First Encyclopedia of the Human Body

Thankfully given my last experience with an Usborne Book, this one is much better. The internet-linked books are (mostly) quite useful and I am glad they are mentioned a lot in homeschool circles. Although I think that the DK Eyewitness books can give pretty much any Usborne book a run for its money.

This book has a multitude of topics like brains, nerves, 5 senses, skin, bones, joints, blood, teeth, babies, and germs. The organs are all mentioned, although they aren’t all covered in-depth together, they are covered separately in different sections. The illustrations of various body parts are really simple and well labeled, making them easy for a child to follow. The bones are not labeled in depth, but, most children will likely not notice or care. The same is true of various muscles on the body.

This encyclopedia is a great beginner item for looking at various body systems. It is also filled with body care sections on health. It explains digestion and why we need food. Hormones and their purpose are covered quite well. There are tons of informative sections. Overall this is a great book for younger children, and it can easily answer most any body question a young child might have, even how babies are made.


2 thoughts on “Book Review: Usborne Internet-Linked First Encyclopedia of the Human Body

    • secularhomeschoollife says:

      Some of them definitely. I’ve been underwhelmed by some titles. And I’ve seen the children’s versions of some classic books they sell, and wondered exactly how much content they have to skip to make them child appropriate. Lol.


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