Lesson Plans

I thought I might share my newly minted lesson plans with all of you. I’ve got no idea what is going to work, what isn’t, or how I’ll adjust things as I go. But, what I do have is a penciled in (literally) version of my current plan. I have a 6 day per week lesson plan, because my husband is only ever home on Sunday, and this will give us something to do. Sunday is our veg out and do nothing day.

This is a sample of our first week of activities. I did my entire lesson planning calendar already with important birthdays, holidays, days my husband is off work, and so on, so that I can work around them without forgetting anything. I used my Google calendar for holiday information, and my own personal calendar for birthdays like the grandparents, cousins, husband and myself, and of course her birthday (because we always do something special as a family that day). This is helping me stay super organized as I do planning because I always know when we will be gone or when birthday celebrations are likely to be.

Monday: The first thing I added to each day was Hooked on Phonics, because my daughter is already so interested in teaching herself to read, this is my  number one priority. I am doing one page per day to start with in the HOP lesson plans, as is suggested. This is anything from watching a DVD of letter songs to practicing skills with individual letters. Monday is also going to be science day. The Kitchen Science Lab for Kids book has 52 different experiments, so for now I am doing once per week, but if she really enjoys them I will add more in. For my Blossom & Root curriculum Monday is nature walk day (with a weekly theme) and music day, which is a specific classical composer study.

Tuesday: The daily HOP activity. Letter A activities which include making a page with our address on it, practicing our address, and doing apple themed activities. The Blossom & Root activity is reading the book of the week and doing an attached sensory bin activity. I got lots of things like beans, rice, dirt, and sand for rotating the base component of the sensory box whenever I feel like it.

Wednesday: Daily HOP routine. Our letter B activities are to trace a hand bunny and color, glitter, glue, paint, or whatever else she feels like and bubbles. The Blossom & Root activity is a van Gogh picture study. This means we look at a specific piece of suggested art exploring elements of art and color while discussing it.

Thursday: Our normal HOP. Letter C activities like making a cat out of air dry clay and making a paper cookie and decorating it with chocolate chips while doing counting practice. The letter of the day activities also always included letter themed songs to sing too, which I plan to do daily with each letter, because my daughter loves to sing.

Friday: The HOP activity. The letter D activities are exploring the days of the week and a dinosaur themed sensory bin. The Blossom & Root activity is to give blue and yellow paint and let them explore the colors and color mixing on the page for as long as they like. Every day lately we’ve been doing some sort of small art project like making necklaces with beads, painting, paper pumpkins decorated, and so on. I plan to fill in random art activities like these on days that don’t have pre planed art like today. My daughter loves doing art every single day.

Saturday: This is a more relaxed day. I am planning to do the Blossom & Root activity where we cook in the kitchen together which helps with math, measuring, dexterity and many other skills. This is also a watch things like LeapFrog or Super Why day.

Most of these activities are planned to be no longer than 10 minutes at a time and you can break them up however you like throughout the day. My daughter also frequently takes longer than 10 minutes on a given activity so I let her go till she loses interest. The only activity that might take longer is cooking, and I just let her wander in and out as she likes for now. I don’t feel any need to force participation. There are a decent amount of activities per day, but not so much that they will take a really long time.This of course does not include things like the fact that we are generally outside daily (weather permitting). We play, help with outdoor projects like the garden or the new fence, and play with the neighbors. We have tons of unstructured time to do as many fun things as she likes. Most of these activities take far less than an hour per day.

I also like this monthly planning method because I can run through each experiment (I note the page in the book on my lesson plan for easy referral) and figure out if I need to buy anything for our experiments or crafts that I don’t already have on hand. It is also really easy to just bump a day of activities in case of sickness, because I only plan once a month and in pencil, so shifting things is simple.



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