About Me

I’m a mom who is looking to start a homeschooling journey for pre-k. My little girl is 3¬† years old right now so I am taking the time to compile resources, decide on curriculum, and figure out the methods I want to use. We live in Wisconsin, which means our homeschooling laws are pretty nice.

My motivations for homeschooling are complex and multifaceted. I do not like the fact that most history text books either outright lie or dumb down many topics. I do not like the rampant bullying culture. I do not like the medicate children to sit still mindset of many schools. I don’t like the elimination¬† of recess or the lack of undirected play and downtime from learning (like schools instituting silent lunches). Grade levels are archaic and useless, children should be put into classes based on ability. Forced association in classrooms isn’t a good way to make friends or spend time.

My child is one who doesn’t have much interest in books or sitting still. I am trying to find her learning style (very visual so far) and give her curriculum she is actually interested in. It is important to me that she have her needs met and her personality emerges intact from the schooling process. She is a wonderful child with an avid interest in My Little Pony, Doc McStuffins, ballet, letters and numbers, and a million other things.

I am a secular mom, married to a Christian husband. Sometimes we couldn’t be more different, but we also agree a lot more than most people would think. We are quickly coming up on 8 years married, closer to 10 together total. I do not currently have interest or belief in any religion. We are planning to teach all religions equally; historical and present time. My more specific religious beliefs are that I am agnostic on the question of gods, a higher power is irrelevant to my life and since no proof can be offered to either prove or disprove the theory, I don’t waste my time even contemplating it. I am atheist when it comes to all organized religion. It is all man made and I don’t want anything to do with it. It always seems far more harmful that good to me, with the thousands of religious wars fought over who has the better invisible friend and the endless list of other atrocities committed by the religious for their chosen deity.

A little more about us. I have a degree in graphic design. I am an extremely shy introvert, husband is ambivert, daughter is an extrovert once she gets to know you. Our (husband and myself) hobbies include MtG, card games like Munchkin, D & D, watching our favorite shows together like Supernatural, Dr. Who, anything Joss and so on, and of course spending our time with the love of our lives. We are very nerdy and not at all ashamed.


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