Pre-K Curriculum

So I’ve been on the hunt for a fun and easy curriculum for my little one. She is intensely interested in numbers and letters, so I have been trying to find ways to keep her learning without pushing. I had been trying out Education Expedition but I did not like the random religious content. It was a couple of items like songs but I am not inclined to use something with religious content of any kind if I don’t have too.

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Education Expedition Curriculum

I was recently given the opportunity, along with many others, to get a free month of pre-k curriculum from Education Expedition. We are a focus group to give feedback on the current curriculum to look for any issues and offer ideas for improvements. We got curriculum for the entire month of May. I am hoping to get a review written up at the end of the month, with possible weekly posts as well to document our experiences.

It seems fun and easy so far, but I will have to jump into it before I have any solid opinions. It includes videos you can access from their website, weekly lesson plans, a calendar of daily activities, a slew of support documents for use with the curriculum, and a supply list for the entire month. If you are interested in try this out they offer a free week of curriculum for download on their homepage.