Potty Training Update

I wanted to write an update about our progress with the potty issue. Does anyone else hate the phrase potty training? I really do. I usually say potty learning because training makes me think of animals. And it certainly has been a learning process for us instead of ‘training’. Continue reading


Potty Training and Unsupportive Parents

I am going to take a little time today to talk about parenting instead of homeschooling. Today I am trying yet again to potty train my daughter. Before you decide to be scandalized by my 3-year-old not being potty trained yet, let me tell you a little story. Continue reading

Book Review: Parenting Beyond Belief

I picked up a couple of new books on the recommendation of people in the secular homeschooling groups I am a part of. The first is Parenting Beyond Belief which is a series of essays edited by Dale McGowan. The book is a parenting help guide for raising ethical and caring children without religion.

What is of the utmost importance is exposing children to critical thinking as opposed to mindless indoctrination. Most children are not fortunate in their early encounters with the church. Most are essentially brainwashed into religion almost as soon as they begin to speak. Many of them are taught to believe everything they learn about God. Questioning the existence of God is deemed not only inappropriate but downright sinful, even blasphemous. By the time many children reach adolescence, the religious conditioning is complete, and in many cases, irreversible.

-Norm R. Allen, Jr. (Thinking My Way to Adulthood)

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