Book Review: How You Were Born

Recently as a companion to my curriculum order, I also made an order of (mostly) reference type books to be used in our homeschool. I ordered 9 items from my Thrift Books wish list (there are lots more left) and they are arriving in 5 separate packages. I thought that since they will be arriving staggered, it would be an easy time to review them, as they come in. I also cannot recommend Thrift Books enough, I spent about 40 dollars on my entire book haul, and most of the books were listed as very good quality.

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Potty Training and Unsupportive Parents

I am going to take a little time today to talk about parenting instead of homeschooling. Today I am trying yet again to potty train my daughter. Before you decide to be scandalized by my 3-year-old not being potty trained yet, let me tell you a little story. Continue reading